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Age airline: The Chinese version of American southwest airline

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Airline of company name history

Notch integratedly 427.942

Battalion closed 2006 (10 thousand yuan) 53903

3 years battalion receives average increase rate 617.12%

The company is lead quality 4.7

The system is banner quality 4.897

The industry is banner quality 5

Enterprise innovation sex 5.333

Growing sex 4.967

Comment on:

The aviation market with huge future gave sufficient competition the space, in the Yang Qun of state-operated airline, living a feral wolf, as long as can " advantageous embellish land increases " , become an accident unlikelily.

-- Yuan Yue considered to seek advice from group president at 0 o'clock

Guess, what scene should when Wang Zhenghua meets for the first time, the vice-president when American southwest airline and age aerial president be? Stand side by side, enclasp hand? Either. Two people imitate backside canvas to break wrist player like two in, interest undertakes brawn is opposite abundantly definitely.

This was 2004 first, wang Zhenghua the originator to airline of whole world low cost -- American southwest airline " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " a camera lens when. Thenceforth rises, in age aerial growing experience, be destined to want with many force " stronger " , of Wang Zhenghua original creation " aviation of travel low cost " commercial pattern begins to accept a challenge.

Regard the whole world as the epigone of low cost airline, age aviation holds to such practice all the time: Fly to another a little bit directly from, not circuitous; The aircraft that uses a kind of model (airbus A320) in order to reduce maintenance, maintain burden; Ground of leave no stone unturned avoids to costly airport is expended and use up its can the ground shortens the time that take off and descends; The service on machine can save a province, accomplish as far as possible " without lacy service " ; Reduce fare ceaselessly, even fare can have 1 yuan of money only. These practices, the airline of the certain old brand that offend angry, they are used " control air man flows " and " price war " firm speaks drive out this audacious person that enter.

"A true overmatch, without the person can your park deathtrap, forfeit your have yourself only. " this is a word that Wang Zhenghua often says. Climb to there already are 20 years to feel on travel market boil to hit and meet absolutely several times the Wang Zhenghua of unripe experience and his management group, suffer dozen pressure, be elbowed out is the work that does not pass normally again. It is especially at the beginning of 2004, when a large airline of Shanghai that has dealings of charter flight business with its is informed Wang Zaichou to build an airline, announce to end cooperation with Wang Zhenghua instantly. "Very difficult at that time, age nation force is in normal movement, the move such as a large number of passengers flies to travel destination. Airline does not let our charter flight suddenly, I was stayed in by clutch guttural. " Wang Hui is recalled. This mutation is more sturdy king the belief that should run airline oneself.

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