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St é Phane Mayer replaces Baniyaduo to take up the post of ATR company CEO

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ATR shareholder plenary meeting appoints the St é Phane Mayer that is 44 years old to hold the position of ATR presiding apparitor since June 1, 2007, replace Philip Baniyaduo (Filippo Bagnato) post, 3 years of latter term in May 2007 the bottom expires.

Put together of France of hold of St é Phane Mayer is reasonable degree of work college engineering. In addition, he still obtained the degree of national statistic and economic university and institute of Parisian politics research respectively.

St é Phane Mayer regards the profession of outside auditor as career at beginning its 1986, began to be in charge of group of Er of the heart that play card 1992 (Lagard è Re Group) Matela Axiete company (Matra Hachette) internal audit works. He helps car production company at joining Matt 1997 (Matra Automobile) , hold the position of the vice-president that is in charge of finance affairs and administration, became administrative committee member 2001.

Since 2003, he ever held the post of EADS all alone to block a tower (Socata) chairman of company board of directors holds presiding apparitor concurrently.

The private flight charter of the appearance flight step with significant hold of St é Phane Mayer.

He ever was obtained " French honor knight " numismatic.

The makes successfully contribution that ATR board of directors and shareholder plenary meeting are ATR project to Philip Baniyaduo expresses acknowledgment greatly.

Philip Baniyaduo already was appointed to be chairman of ATR board of directors on June 1.

Headquarters of ATR of manufacturer of branch line aircraft is located in the Tuluci of French south, it is 50-74 the whole world of market of plane of eddy paddle branch line is banner enterprise. The turnover of 2006 year of ATR company is 700 million dollar, with compared 2005, amplitude is about 30% . ATR company by Italy Buddhist nun of fragrance plum card blocks a group (Finmeccanica Group) the Alainiya of subordinate aviation industry group (Alenia Aeronautica) with group of defense of European space navigation (EADS) each hold 50% share. ATR already passed the ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q 9001:2 of aviation domain000 reach attestation of standard of EN/AS/JISQ 9100 international.

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