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Crude device of boat high school flies east head set professional assessment to

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18 days, entered oneself for an examination another exams after the high school of Dong Hangfei clerk gave birth to Xiaozhang to receive the university entrance exam -- professional assessment of Dong Hang. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, with the action of in former years flying photograph is compared, the high school crude device this year flew to Dong Hang to establish professional assessment first, undertake trying to find out the real intention to the integrated quality of examinee through project of nucleus of 6 final examination. According to introducing, this kind of major is assessed preexistence Shanghai is pilot this year, may install the ongoing travel in the university entrance exam later, in order to make the assessment of air man more comprehensive.

Professional air man should take an examination of an official

"Recruit high school to give birth to flight student before, it is achievement of check-up, the university entrance exam was admitted after qualification, we installed professional assessment before achievement of the university entrance exam comes out first this year. " Dong Hang action flies do director Yan Qi to tell a reporter yesterday, professional assessment included range estimation, imitate ability oral of test of ability of written examination of test, English, meet an emergency, English and integrated quality interview 6 big projects, aim to be opposite ability of the harmonious ability of examinee, meet an emergency, imitate ability, English ability to undertake all-around try to find out the real intention, "In flying, this is enrolled in our country civil aviaton also is first. "In flying, this is enrolled in our country civil aviaton also is first..

The reporter sees in the spot yesterday, in integrated quality interview, every examinee wants with take an examination of an official to have man-to-man speak to sb face to face, and holding the position of those who take an examination of an official is current personnel of professional flight technology. In interview, besides inspect examinee to be opposite the interest of flight industry and knowledge, the logistic thinking capability that checks an official to still can install a problem to understand examinee and the execution to regular regulations ability.

English 4 class are " mount guard card "

According to introducing, according to the requirement of international Civil Aviation Organization, rose in March next year, flyInternational airliner

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