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Be about to carry banned article to board the plane one passenger is cancelled t

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In new Changzhou net on November 5 report: Recently, when Changzhou airport installs check personnel to have safe examination in the passenger that heads for Xiamen, Shenzhen to go to taking ZH9446 scheduled flight, one is hunted down to swing in the portable baggage in passenger of male of a youth rod and one locks up cutting tool oneself, this article has certain power, be included to violate a ban article, chase turn over this passenger processing of mechanism of Changzhou airport public security.

It is reported, that day morning, ZH9446 airliner has begun to board the plane, ability fling drives this youth passenger to strongly the mouth that install check, according to the regulation of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation, the airliner already began to board the plane, the person that hurry to the spot that install check hastily is listed a key examination object. Accordingly, undertake to this passenger the key is checked then, discover this passenger in baggage one is swung the rod mixes to lock up a knife oneself, young passenger claims this article is his buy quite on the net, take for self-defence. Changzhou airport installs check personnel to explain to this passenger this kind of article belongs to banned article and the provision that take civil aviaton plane, turn over this passenger to mechanism of Changzhou airport public security to handle. Public security mechanism confiscated Changzhou airport to swing at once rod and lock up cutting tool oneself, cancelled this passenger seize the opportunity qualification, undertake be checkupped further.

The airport installs check branch to remind passenger of wide Mahayana plane here: Why to no matter stem from,plant the reason carries banned article, the article that involves aviation security is uniform do not allow to carry, bring the route that gives oneself the trouble otherwise. Basis " safety of civil aviation of People's Republic of China guards byelaw " regulation, firearms, for military use or alarm provide with instrument, the article that the article such as control cutting tool belongs to a country to prohibit the passenger is carried or be being consigned.

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