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K pink camouflage suckles small crafty plot to had escaped hard to bring check l

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On October 23 morning, second airliner still does not have the MF8415 that flies to Chengdu from Ning Bo to was about to take off, the International Airport brings company of peaceful wave oak check point, the passenger that preparation boards the plane is accepting an inspection. Abrupt, after the gripesack of a man enters the transmission area of the system that install check, what object of two bags of similar white appeared on the indication screen of the machine that install check is video.

At that time, the member that install check feels alertly inside the likelihood has a problem, what enquire the outfit in gripesack to this man instantly then is what article. "It is milk powder of two packets of beanses only. " this man does not no hurry unbearably the ground replies. Subsequently, the policeman took this man company of peaceful wave oak International Airport police station makes further examination. The policeman opened travelling bag very quickly, contain as expected inside discovery " Wei Weidou is suckled " .

"Be fabaceous grandma? " this man " innocent " the ground says, "I had said early is fabaceous grandma, you are not believed, do this fall to be checked even? " the policeman did not understand this man, discovering grandma of another packet of beans is being wrapped with a dress unexpectedly. The policeman is opened carefully, before discovering powder of this packet of white follows face a packet " the beans is suckled " not quite same, although also be transparent polybag,pack, but not " Wei Wei " brand model of written characters. At this moment, a moment ago returned very the man of the calm begins to rise hastily. The policeman checks the discovery after looking carefully, the color of this packet of thing is suckled with the beans really very picture, but appearance is body of crystallization of a kind of grain, can see glance, affirmation won't be general fabaceous milk powder, have great suspicion.

Be less than 20 minutes, public security bureau of peaceful wave city bans the drugs inspector of poisonous detachment to drive oak company to the International Airport, examine very quickly give this the bag is questionable " the beans is suckled " it is drugs K pink, weight is 4000 grams about.

Because involve drugs amount tremendous, substation of International Airport public security checks company of oak of public security bureau this case height takes seriously, zhang Mou spreads out the K pink holder that is captured to the airport instantly dash forward careful. Initial trial learns, the flee hither and thither of the especially big gang that peddle poison that Zhang Mou is in reachs peaceful wave city before long, the likelihood will begin the extensive operation that peddle poison in Ning Bo. For this, police of peaceful wave city begins to spread out in Ning Bo and Chengdu capture the action.

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