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Carry a notebook computer to run deaf-mute airport thieve is seized

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Take the advantage of a passenger carelessly, taking the of notebook computer suitcase on luggage barrow go. On November 9, supervisory system of Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport discovers a young man is opposite two passengers undertake larcenous. When proper thief feels procurable to preparation escapes, by couplet diligent team member is seized on the spot. Those who make a person open-eyed is, the person that steal is a deaf-mute unexpectedly.

That day afternoon, discovery of center of monitoring of Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport is by international hall setting out, the one man that the name controls more than 20 years old all the time at the back of the fare that follow at sb' heels is pushing luggage barrow in. Queue up to do in this passenger board the plane when formalities, the man multiplies his carelessly, the handbag that gets on luggage barrow quickly is taken away escape the spot. After center of monitoring of Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport discovers this one circumstance, the couplet that connects cicada to patrol around immediately is diligent team member. After receiving an announcement, use dichotomy clock only, couplet is diligent team member is according to the description of monitoring outside the hall obtain stolen goods of this man person. When the person that the policemen enquires theft, this person is silent as the grave however. After the person that public security personnel lets steal later writes down his a few data, check result proves this person is a deaf-mute. Current, this man already was turned over to police station to handle.

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