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Proper motion of factory of boat Guangxi maintenance finishs plane water to deci

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Recently, plane of boat Guangxi branch maintains a factory to organize technical personnel south, finish level of plane of 737-800 of two Boeing of this company to install calm face to change one's costume or dress, managing time of many shut out and more than yuan of 100 thousand changeover cost, ensured of the airliner move normally.

According to EO:BThe requirement of 737N55028R1, plane of 5 Boeing 737NG should finish branch of Na Hang Guangxi the examination that water decides face join screw and peg in safety and change. The first plane B-5122 that carries out this to change one's costume or dress date maintains engineering company in Guangzhou plane (GAMECO) when undertaking changing one's costume or dress, stop two days, spend man-hour 120 hours. For managing cost, the decision after plane of boat Guangxi branch maintains a factory to head classics research south finishs the rest of plane levels to install those who decide a face to change one's costume or dress by oneself the job, heart of teach of room of demonstrative technology government just assists workshop Zheng colourful with production two comrades are right whether finished this job to undertake assessment. Technical personnel has serious research through getting stuck to labour, union maintains the engineering company knowledge to actual condition in Guangzhou plane, made change his costume or dress in detail plan, offer to use the time after boat, come to those who finish 4 planes that leave change one's costume or dress.

Plane of boat Guangxi branch maintains a factory to join the real case of personnel and equipment south, make the programme of construction seriously, elaborate organization, in 3 workshops comrades cooperate to fall, stop what field time finished B-5123 date and B-5125 date plane respectively to change one's costume or dress on December 28 morning at was being mixed after boat on December 6, 2006 the job. Change his costume or dress for the first time 8 hours are less than when using, compare adroitness the 2nd times as a result of the job, used 5 many hours only. Two the rest of planes will finish this to change one's costume or dress after boat material arrives.

Plane of boat Guangxi branch maintains a factory to pass proper motion to undertake changing one's costume or dress to 4 planes south, reduced a plane to halt the day number of field, effectively ensured production to be carried out of the plan normally, raised the day utilization rate of the plane, estimation this the project changes his costume or dress will managing more than 100000 yuan upkeep costs.

Ministry of job of Party committee of branch of Na Hang Guangxi

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